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We would like to share some Frequently Asked Questions on using your Premiere Fountain Pen.
Our custom made and finely crafted fountain pen is manufactured to accept either a disposable ink cartridge* or an ink converter (included inside the pen's barrel) which is shipped to you empty.
* Only 1 item fits inside our pen's barrels at a time: a converter or a disposable single cartridge. The majority of our customers prefer to use the converter which comes installed in the pen.
FAQ1 -- Acquiring Ink for you Fountain Pen
  • For your convenience we have included one Ink Cartridge in the Gift Box with your pen. However, this will not last long! We hope you have acted on our recommendation of ordering bottled ink when you ordered your pen. If you have, make your initial fill of the installed Ink Converter from your bottle of ink following the instructions under FAQ2. You will also find instructions for using the Ink Cartridge as well.
FAQ2 -- Filling your Fountain Pen
  • To fill your fountain pen's included Ink Converter, remove the cap and unscrew the bottom part of the pen from the top cover. The ink charger should be in the down position. Simply twist the black handle at the top in a clockwise rotation to draw ink into the ink chamber.  

  • 1st, make certain that the plunger in the ink converter is in the full down position (rotate counter clockwise).

  • 2nd, submerge the pen's nib in the ink (ink should cover the gold portion entirely).

  • 3rd, rotate the black handle in a clockwise direction to fill the converter (for your first filling you may need to twist the plunger back down and up a second time).

  • 4th, wipe the nib clean with a soft cloth or tissue.  Reassemble your pen and enjoy!

  • To install an ink cartridge, grasp the bottom portion of the pen (with the nib) in one hand and the ink converter in the other hand. Twist the ink converter in a counter clock wise direction as you pull firmly to separate the two pieces. (Please note that the ink converter may be pressed in with a very tight seal) Install the cartridge by inserting the black end into the pen, pushing firmly with a small twisting motion to fully seat the cartridge. If this is your first time using the pen, you will have to tap the cartridge firmly several times to get the air out of the pen's nib and get the ink to flow from the cartridge. 
  • We recommend using the supplied ink converter and filling with bottled ink for ease of initial filling and lower ink cost over time. There's also the added benefit of being able to refill the ink charger at any time when the ink level begins to get lower, while changing a cartridge before it is empty wastes ink and is more expensive.
FAQ3 -- Using and Caring for your Fountain Pen
Please note that all fountain pens will dry out if left with the cap off. For best results, re-cap the pen when not in use. Try writing at different angles until you get the feel of the smoothest writing angle for you (a low angle works better than a steep angle).
Your fountain pen will function best when used with a light hand. DO NOT press hard on the nib! It will also work best if used on a regular basis to keep the ink flowing freely. If the ink no longer flows well, it is likely that your pen is running low on ink. If you are using the ink converter for your ink supply, you can keep it filled with ink on a regular basis, even before it runs low on ink. This will help avoid running out of ink when away from your home or office.

If your pen dries out you can rinse the nib under lukewarm running water. You may also clean your pen more completely by removing the ink converter/cartridge and flushing the nib with a common ear bulb syringe (filled with lukewarm water). Trim the end of the ear syringe to fit snugly on the pen where the converter/cartridge is attached.  Fill the syringe bulb with water, place the trimmed tip firmly on the pen, and flush the nib by squeezing the water-filled syringe bulb. Continue flushing until clear water flows freely from the nib. Dry the nib and reattach your ink converter and fill as noted above (or attach a fresh cartridge).  (Bulb ear syringes are available from your local pharmacy.) 

If you ever have any questions about our products or service, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

If you are filling your pen from the Medici Bottled Ink, as shown in the pictures above, please be aware of the plastic Ink Collector that is inserted in the bottle. This ink collector will help facilitate filling your pen when the ink level gets low in the bottle.
The picture below shows the ink collector with the filler holes near the top. As the ink level goes down in the bottle, you will need to tip the bottle sideways (with the cap on) in order for ink to be able to collect in the tube. You may also need to refill the collector during the filling of your pen (by replacing the cap on the bottle and tipping the bottle sideways) in order to more fully fill the pen's ink converter.
The Ink Collector can also be removed from the bottle, if you so desire, but it will be needed when the ink level in the bottle is too low to submerge the entire nib of your pen.