65 Inch Aluminum Tripod

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65 Inch Aluminum Tripod, Sturdy, Lightweight with Quick Release Plate, Bubble Level, 3-Way Panhead, Carrying Case for DSLR Camera, Video Camcorder, Bonus 5V Rechargeable Battery and Cell Phone Adapter

  • STURDY AND SECURE: With rounded square aluminum 4-section legs, your DSLR Camera with telephoto lens with be held steady and secure, allowing for longer exposures with extended shutter release times - even with the center column extended to the full 65” height.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: At 3.75 lbs. and 21 inches long in the carrying case, this tripod is light and compact making it easy to carry wherever you need to go - good for family outings, nature photography and mobile applications.
  • EASILY POSITIONED: Screw the quick-release mounting plate onto your camera and with the flick of a lever you can quickly remove your camera from the tripod. Your Camera can be precisely positioned with the locking Tilt Handle, Panning Knob and Vertical Camera Plate knob. Quickly position your camera and lock it in place or leave the Panning Knob loose enough for panning with your video camcorder.
  • BONUS 5 VOLT POWER: Comes with a rechargeable 5 Volt lithium battery installed. Use your Smartphone with the included Cell Phone Adapter and 47" charging cable. The 2500 mAH battery can keep your phone charged while shooting video for Facebook Live, Periscope, and other live streaming platforms.
  • THOROUGHLY EQUIPPED: Built-in Bubble Level, Geared Elevator, and Quick Release Camera Plate with ¼” attachment screw and a free Cell Phone Adapter and 47" Charging Cable. 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee and 1 year warranty that can be extended to 5 years with free product registration.

Are you tired of using flimsy tripods that won’t hold your SLR Camera and Lens securely? Are you tired of lugging an expensive and heavy tripod so you can get stability? The PBT-100 Tripod from Premiere Brands is the solution you have being looking for - ideal for indoor and outdoor photography.

Weighing only 3.75 pounds, and adjusting up to 65 inches, our tripod will keep your SLR camera and lens safe and secure. Use it in your studio or on location. With the convenient carrying case you can carry the tripod on your back, keeping your hands free for camera, extra lenses, lighting or other accessories. Perfect for all events, such as sports activities, camping, family gatherings and more.

Unlike heavier tripods, the PBT-100 offers these benefits:

  • Light enough to carry anywhere you need to shoot - 3.75 pounds and 22.5 inches long in the carrying case
  • With rounded, square 4-section locking legs, it is sturdy enough to hold a large DSLR and heavy lens.
  • Up to a 20 lb. load capacity
  • Stable enough for longer exposures over 2 seconds
  • Durable enough to be used regularly
  • Professional look and feel
  • Priced right - well below 100!
  • 5 Year Warranty with Free Registration

The PBT-100 Tripod comes equipped with a rechargeable, lithium 2500 mAH, 5 volt battery that allows you to power a smartphone or other accessories. Use with the included cell phone adapter 47" cable and keep your smartphone charged while recording video or taking pictures. The battery can also be removed from the tripod and be used as a supplemental power source for your cell phone in any setting.

Minimum Camera Plate Height = 21.5 inches
Maximum Camera Plate Height = 64.75 inches
Center Column Extension = 10.125 inches (fully extended for maximum height)
Tripod Weight = 3.75 pounds (Including carrying case)
Weight Carrying Capacity = Up to 20 pounds
Materials = Aluminum Alloy and Plastic Polymer Composite

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